Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What if I have had previous credit problems?
A. We have finance programs for all levels of credit. If you’ve been declined in the past by other finance companies, Plastic Surgery Financing may still be able to finance your loan request.


Q. What are the loan terms?
A. Depending on your credit profile, loan terms with us are 24, 36, 48, and 60 months.


Q. How much down payment is required?
A. There is no down payment required from Plastic Surgery Financing. However, some doctors might require a minimum down payment or deposit.


Q. How much is the interest rate?
A. The Interest rate is typically much less than most major credit cards. Your interest rate is determined by your credit profile. Patients with excellent credit ratings qualify for extra-low interest rates. Patients with past credit problems can qualify for very competitive rates.


Q. What if I make larger payments and decide to pay the loan off early?
A. There are no pre-payment penalties. Any amount paid more than the minimum monthly payment will go towards the principal of the loan not towards the interest.


Q. What if I have not selected a physician?
A. We can refer you to a physician in your location for a free consultation.


For further questions, please email our customer service department at and one of our representatives will confidentially call and or email you back (your choice)


Sergei Baghdasarian